European Implant has been established to provide dental sector services in various fields especially dental implant. The main field of activity is the European Implant which is dental implant systems.

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Implant System

The Bioinfinity dental implant system offers maximum functionality and aesthetic solutions in all bone types and all positions in the mouth. Ideal for both single-stage and two-stage surgery. It allows immediate and early loading. It has a platform switch feature that prevents resorption in the crescent bone and protects the soft tissue. The risk of contamination of the implant stored in a titanium tube is minimized.


The Bioinfinity implant system offers optimal tissue management and restorative solutions designed for long-term function and aesthetics. Simante offers a wide range of restorative solutions with a choice of screwed and attachable systems. In the BioInfinity dental implant system, there is color coding of all prosthetic components. With color coding, simple, fast and reliable application possibilities are provided in prosthetic applications.


In the BioInfinity dental implant system, all surgical components are color coded. The color-coded implant driver makes implantation simple, fast and efficient. With color coding, the burz protocol becomes easy. Drills; TiAlN coated to minimize heat loss and long life on the bone. The life of the surgical kit has been increased with new generation material.

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